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We are no marketing agency – we just do marketing. Oh, and advertising, of course. But not just of any kind. Our banners are adorned with the words “emotional Brand Marketing”, in big and shiny letters. For us, that means to bring your brand upon your target audiences mental screen.

Hence, we create emotions that allow your target audience identification. We compose designs that become the icon of your brand, paint your brand performance in most colorful ways and create a corporate Identity that you will wear as if your second skin. We want your target audience to be aware of your brand, anytime and anywhere. And naturally we want you to see yourself within your brand like you’re looking into a mirror.  

We aim to make your brand more than a brand; for us, it is supposed to be a face that no one can forget, a taste everybody knows, a feeling to get lost within and a smell you have to follow.

However, we want you to be yourself, be amazing and frighteningly innovative while we are just young, creative, emotional and utmost flexible.  Together, we can do what is just right, and one thing about that is already most certain: it will be more than just black & white.

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Webdevelopment, Web- & Productdesign for Kantine
Webdevelopment, Web- & Productdesign for KantineDezember 2018
Campaign for Outdoor Gym in Cologne
Campaign for Outdoor Gym in CologneDezember 2018
Zunft Kölsch German Beer Brand Relaunch & Campaign
Zunft Kölsch German Beer Brand Relaunch & CampaignDezember 2018
individual webdevelopment for Audioagency
individual webdevelopment for AudioagencyDezember 2018
product design for Anjola
product design for AnjolaDezember 2018
CI, Webdesign & -Development for Event Services
CI, Webdesign & -Development for Event ServicesJanuar 2019
Brand Communications for Trend Restaurant
Brand Communications for Trend RestaurantJanuar 2019
Social Media for Möller's food supplement
Social Media for Möller's food supplementJanuar 2019
Marketing Strategy & Advertising for Pet Supplies
Marketing Strategy & Advertising for Pet SuppliesJanuar 2019
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Services (3) Angeboten von farbenkollektiv - Paar, Tabibi GbR


A seo goes into a bar, bars, pub, irish pub, whisky... Black hat seo is not really our thing, but we couldn't resist this little pun of ours. Instead, we'd like to grow your online visibility organically. Our focus, of course, lies entirely on the needs of your customers and the basis outlined by your company. We translate the essence of your brand fluently between search engines and your customers, and we do so with a sense for strategy, efficiency and art.

Soziale Medien

Talk to your audience - Social Media is the greatest tool to get in contact with your audience and build trust. You can get instant feedback for products and services. It is a great tool for generating leads, fans, sales, customer support, building your brand and scaling your business to the moon. If you use the tools provided like the facebook pixel, linked insight tag and so on, you are able to track your social media ads in the most efficient way and improve your ads by generating data.

Markenbildung & Positionierung

"Well, and who are you?" If thats a question your Brand or Company has to answer a lot, then we should sit down and have a little discussion. Lets put it simple: Brands and Companies are just people, too. At least when it comes to Corporate Identity and Marketing Strategy. Quite similar to all of us, your company has personality, character and emotions that and wants to be treated just right. So lets put it on the couch and find out what we need to know, shall we?

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Christiane Striepecke  vor 7 Monaten

Hessische Spezialitätenbrennerei-Behlen GmbH



We are most happy with our designs - fast and on the point. Didn't expect that high level design! Thanks again for the smooth buisness start! Great team of friendly, well informed people - clear recommendation. Until next time!