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Startling Brands

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Startling Brands is a branding and corporate identity specialist firm.

We provide full range of integrated strategy, brand consulting, creative, and design services to help our clients to create, grow and manage their brands

Based in Berlin, working globally with industry-leading, innovative, purposeful companies and institutions.

We cherish creativity, it is the essential component of being authentic. But creativity alone is never sufficient to reach complex tactical goals. At Startling Brands we’ve established a culture of creative efficiency. Disciplined research, goal-oriented strategy and precise planning are the backbone of everything we do.

We believe that we are obliged to exchange the trust and resources given to us by our clients with the delivery of compelling and measurable results that meet the strategic objectives first. We praise the functionality of design and we refrain from shallow and fashionable extravaganza. We don’t need to draw attention to ourselves, because we draw attention to our clients with the thoughtful work we do for them.

Arbeiten (4) von Startling Brands

New name and logo for leading corporate insurance
New name and logo for leading corporate insuranceFebruar 2017
Re-branding one of the largest factories in Europe
Re-branding one of the largest factories in EuropeFebruar 2017
A new logo and visual identity
A new logo and visual identityFebruar 2017
Branding / Identity for an online car insurance
Branding / Identity for an online car insuranceFebruar 2018

Services (3) Angeboten von Startling Brands

Markenbildung & Positionierung

We create new names, visual identities, brand strategies and campaigns for innovative companies and purposeful institutions We are corporate identity specialists with a strong focus on future trends forecasting, ensuring our results will always stand the test of time Our mission is to seek, find, and establish steady links between clients and their prospects. We communicate, highlight and amplify their transformative ideas. We will always make sure that all their effort, knowledge and purpose will not remain unnoticed. We excel in Brand Strategy, Brand Analytics, Brand Identity, Corporate Idenity, Graphic Design, Website Design & Development, Naming and Verbal Identity


Design means to us an information shortcut. It’s a delivery vehicle. Our work cuts through the visual clutter of contemporary marketing, so the message always remains bold and clear.


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