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aimed at what? What is „aimed“? aimed is an award winning strategic marketing and live-communications agency. aimed offers you a decade of experience creating remarkable interactive experiences for trusted international companies, brands and products. Working with aimed firstly provides you with a great base for a better understanding of corporate and social communication evolution and issues, and an innovative partner behind the scenes with whom to generate customized, targeted, goal-specific marketing solutions. The last 10 years has seen massive changes in communication behaviour of nearly all target groups. Companies and consumers are active on a multitude of platforms; taking in masses of information by the minute and developing their likes and their wants constantly. They also see you, your brand and your offers in diverse settings and in different formats and styles. They interact, share opinions and influence the decisions of their business and social networks more easily than ever. Below the line, above the line, offline, online… to stand out as you’d like and captivate and engage your target market, you really need to be thinking beyond lines! So where do you come in? Where do you meet your targets? How do you trigger positive impact? How does it all come together?? Getting your marketing communication right, what you do and where and how, requires not only a “360°” stage for expression, but primarily a truly holistic mindset, approach and form. aimed has been delivering outstanding solutions in this manner since 2005. From conceptualization to realization and at each essential point in between, effective internal activities and successful externally-focused campaigns have been implemented across diversified sectors and environments. Take a look at our comprehensive range of services and exciting activities and do get in touch to see how you can benefit from our proven strategies, latest innovations and value adding creativity. We are aimed - aimed at you!
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    Live Communication nowadays has become very multi-layered and complex. The good thing: The target group is always specific. So wheather we conceptual design a trade fair booth, an international roadshow, your product presentation gala, or your sales promotion. We know the audience. And how to emotionally involve them. By interconnecting and interlocking with the existing brand strategy we make sure that they experience emotionally loaded take home messages that last. We started early to connect the various disciplines of contemporary communication. We have been thinking in and talking of holistic solutions already in 2008 – and have gathered a wealth of experience in it. The result is 360 ° live-communication from one source. With short distances, many synergies and a maximum of efficiency.
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    asics - Marathon Roadshow Europe 2014 - Event
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    Beam SuntoryGetränke | international
    asics Europe BEAnderes | international

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asics - Marathon Roadshow Europe 2014
asics - Marathon Roadshow Europe 2014

Projekt für asics Europe BE in der Anderes Branche für ein B2C Publikum.„asics“ is an acronym of the latin phrase “anima sana in corpora sano”, which translates to „healthy soul in a healthy body“.aimed realized several transeuropean live activations in 2014, each taking place around the largest marathon events in cities like Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm, Firenze and Amsterdam.The most immersive activation was the “Better the best” treadmill show pick up truck.We’ve modified a pick up to a show truck and built a special treadmill with safety harness on its back. The treadmills speed could be adapted to the average speed of the last years marathon runners winner.This activation caused a lot of attention wherever it was set up.This project is another great example of the strong international ability of aimed in creating emotionally loaded and memorable moments for brand activation. We are aimed - aimed at you

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Projekt für Beam Suntory in der Getränke Branche für ein B2C Publikum.As a european highlight of the first ever JIM BEAM global campaign “Make History” the “Roadtrip to Kentucky” was brought to life by aimed.We conceptual designed the mechanisms of this sweepstake taking place in six european countries. As well we designed and realized the roadtrip itself including the routing, the every days activities and the brand embedding the winners were able to experience.Out of several thousand competition participants finally 25 lucky winners were chosen.None of them had an idea what exactly they would experience – except that they would be part of a ten day roadtrip through Kentucky, the birth land of Jim Beam – Kentucky straight Bourbon- in RVs (Recreation Vehicles).Since pictures say more than words, we strongly recommend that you have a look at those.Or you could just ask us, how we would bring to life your brand!

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