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Goodpatch is an independent design company with 200 employees spread across studios in Tokyo, Berlin and Munich. Driven by the mission to prove the power of design, we create sustainable value for people, organizations, and the planet.
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Spricht Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Japanisch
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Arbeitet remote auf der ganzen Welt
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Gegründet 2010
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  • Beschreibung
    How might we use technology to create a desirable future?

    With our effective development boutique we make sure your digital product ships in time. We build product squads with designers and developers to ensure collaboration, iteration, and quality in fast-paced environments.
    Skills in Mobile App (1)
    Mobile App Development
    Referenzen in (3)
    Careship - Mobile App
    R+V - Insurance made Digital - Mobile App
    Emmy - Taking Germany’s shared mobility to the nex - Mobile App
    Kunden in Mobile App (3)
    CareshipKrankenhäuser & Gesundheitswesen | national
    EmmyAutomobil | national
    R+VVersicherung | international

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  • Beschreibung
    Want to get your idea to market in 6 months?

    Need to validate your innovative idea? Let’s partner up. We’ll use our combined strengths to turn opportunities into real businesses. Together, we’ll establish the powerful teams, processes and value propositions that will prepare you to scale.
    Skills in Innovation (3)
    Digital TransformationentrepreneurshipStrategy
    Referenzen in (4)
    Careship - Innovation
    R+V - Insurance made Digital - Innovation
    Unipos - Employee Feedback Tool - Innovation
    Emmy - Taking Germany’s shared mobility to the nex - Innovation
    Kunden in Innovation (4)
    CareshipKrankenhäuser & Gesundheitswesen | national
    UniposPersonalwesen | international
    EmmyAutomobil | national
    R+VVersicherung | international

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4 Projekte durchgeführt von Goodpatch


Projekt für Careship in der Krankenhäuser & Gesundheitswesen Branche für ein B2B / B2C Publikum.In Germany alone we have over 14,000 care agencies. Careship stands out with a fresh and transparent platform approach which matches families with caretakers.Careship reached out to Goodpatch to help with research and design to foster the company as a brand and win trust of new caretakers and families.

Digitale StrategieInnovationMobile App
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R+V - Insurance made Digital
R+V - Insurance made Digital

Projekt für R+V in der Versicherung Branche für ein B2B / B2C Publikum.Designing insurance services from withinDigital transformation remains one of the most challenging topics for insurance companies. There is now more market pressure than ever to offer innovative, customer-centric, and intuitive products and services. Project teams need to rethink how they work and reinvent old processes and product offerings.Within our strategic design partnership with NTT DATA, we have been supporting R+V Versicherung AG, one of Germany’s largest insurance companies, to transform their organization from the inside out and introduce a design-driven approach to different teams and departments. An output-driven working style With the help of Designathons, design thinking workshops, user experience audits, and hands-on user interface design, we have supported the insurance company's internal teams as they drive digital transformation. We've worked with teams to build an in-house design practice, to develop an eye for discovering problem spaces, and in the creation of human-centered services. Users First Every project starts with a problem exploration phase to discover the explicit and implicit needs of clearly defined user groups. We take teams out of the office, out onto the streets and into private homes. This way, they can meet their end-users and learn how the products they developed are used in context. This customer empathy is especially crucial in the insurance industry, where competitors have become hardly distinguishable. Digital Transformation that lasts Existing teams now on-board new team members with this new way of working. New additions are quick to adopt the agile mindset and open feedback culture, resulting in real, long-term, transformative change.

Digitale StrategieErgonomie (UX/UI)Innovation+1
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Unipos - Employee Feedback Tool
Unipos - Employee Feedback Tool

Projekt für Unipos in der Personalwesen Branche für ein B2B / B2C Publikum.Taking Feedback Overseas: HR Tech Goes GlobalThe regular exchange of meaningful feedback lives at the core of every company's culture, facilitating active engagement between employees and management, leading to improved employee morale, increased productivity, and ultimately, better work. This is why Unipos, an HR Tech startup, created a feedback tool that makes everyone - whether remote, independent or a part of a large team - feel recognized and appreciated at work. New market, new strategy Popular with Japanese companies, Unipos came to Goodpatch to help win the hearts of the European market. Unipos was one of Goodpatch Japan's earliest clients, making it all the more exciting for Goodpatch Europe to facilitate their European market entry.Working in close collaboration with Unipos, we defined our challenge: How do we repackage Unipos value proposition to seduce European customers? A two-prong approach to explorative research and hands-on testing The first step to successfully entering any new market is to understand the region's culture and values. Communication, often unspoken and subconscious, varies widely among cultures and communities. For this reason, feedback systems have to be unique to each geographic region, industry, and company culture.We spent three weeks conducting in-depth market and user research, gathering extensive insights into the European customer. We then built personas for each user and level of organization (HR, management, employee) and took time to understand the needs of each role and the interactions between them by mapping out the user journey.Armed with rich consumer insights, we were then able to quickly identify Unipos' pain points, product-market fit, reframe their value proposition, and design a responsive landing page for Unipos European operations, all within one week.We're so excited to have helped Unipos develop a new identity that demonstrates their understanding of the European user and clearly expresses the value they bring to European company culture.

Digitale StrategieErgonomie (UX/UI)Innovation
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Emmy - Taking Germany’s shared mobility to the nex
Emmy - Taking Germany’s shared mobility to the nex

Projekt für Emmy in der Automobil Branche für ein B2B / B2C Publikum. Taking Germany’s shared mobility to the next level with design At our Berlin studio, we see ideas become a reality every day, and emmy, a shared electric scooter service, is a perfect example. What started as an idea in a park, has become a fleet of over 1,600 scooters and 150,000 customers in just two years, evolving into one of Germany's most prominent shared mobility startups. But competition is stiff, and mobility providers are fighting tooth and nail to win and retain customers with price, design, and innovative features.emmy came to Goodpatch for help redesigning their app: "How do we simplify the emmy rental process and build an onboarding experience that is engaging, delightful, and that creates an emotional bond between user and product?" As automotive lovers and avid emmy users ourselves, we were excited to partner with an established startup team to develop their first connected product. It's about creating fans, not just users After two years of using a generic, white-label app solution, emmy was ready to invest in design, lean into their user's experience, and build a shared mobility product unique to their users' needs. We started by doing an in-depth analysis of the current product. Using insights gathered from the emmy team, we identified users' pain points and recreated the user flow. To do this, we created a prototype that integrated these insights and that could be used to test our assumptions.Using our in-house and fully equipped user testing room, we shared the prototype with users, interviewed them about the experience and observed them in the most non-invasive way possible. During this testing, we were able to experience the emotional value of the product firsthand. We realized that emmy users aren't just commuters who want to get from A to B: They are fans who use the red scooters to explore their city. emmy users want the app to be as simple and carefree as their Berlin-lifestyle. Turning user pain points into design solutions Our most significant change was to the on-boarding experience, which was a big pain point reported by users: This was the important process of unlocking the scooter, opening the helmet box, and using the kickstand - a set of tasks that take routine. So we made the on-boarding experience as easy as possible, illustrating each step to guide users through the complete experience.In the third phase of development, we delivered the new design to the emmy development team to create a beautiful product, a small group of users love, or what we call a minimum lovable product.

Digitale StrategieInnovationMobile App
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Deutsche Digital Award2020-04-30Mobile App - User Experience Usability


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  • HeadquarterOranienstraße 6, 10997 Berlin, Germany

  • Karlstraße 36, 80333 München, Germany

  • 3-3 Uguisudanichō, Shibuya City, Tōkyō-to 150-0032, Japan


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