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Berlin, Deutschland
Imagine a different tomorrow. We are a digital event agency sparking joy by reframing your digital event experience!  In a world in which standing out can be quite challenging, intricate storytelling and mesmerizing aesthetics are of utmost importance for creating unforgettable moments with your audience. We are driven passionately to create unique digital events, redefining truly immersive and dynamic online experiences. Whether it's a conference, festival, trade fair or anything else, the only limit we have when it comes to creating and designing an event is creativity. That's why we focus on a holistic and non-compromising approach, custom-tailoring and catering to your individual needs for creating lasting impact. We strive to bring meaning to events in the digital realm, playing around with innovative ways of conjoining the digital and analog world. Our modular approach allows for easy adaptability to your custom needs. 
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  • Beschreibung
    Whether you want to host an internal event for your organisation or organize a public event for your audience, generate marketing buzz or position yourself as an innovative and modern organisation - we’ve got you covered.

    Our modular tool kit consists of a wide range of engaging building blocks.

    1) Contact us - Schedule a call or write us an email to discuss your ideas or get further details and start brainstorming.
    2) Customize - We plan your event according to your needs and wishes while staying in close contact.
    3) Showtime - Executing your event with our entire team making sure everything runs perfect and everyone is more than happy.
    4) Feedback - Once the event is successfully finished we will provide a complete report with all the numbers and stats of your event.
    Skills in Event (9)
    Event ManagementEvent Planningevent organizationkonzeptionPublic EventTeameventkonferenzen tagungenfestival organizationDigital events
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    Judith Zylla-Wöllner

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  • Beschreibung
    Because we create appealing designs for our digital events, we also offer graphic design of all kinds, created in-house by our media designers.

    Whether you need cover design, animations, illustrations or video production with high quality equipment. In close communication with our clients, we make every effort to fulfill all their needs.
    Skills in Grafikdesign (10)
    Logo Graphic DesignIllustrationGraphic DesignVideo Productionanimation design3d graphic designcover makercommercial video productionlogo graphic designMediengestaltung

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Judith Zylla-WöllnerDirector International Office bei Hertie School
Team201 - 500
6. Juli 2021

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6. Juli 2021
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  • HeadquarterWilmersdorfer Str. 122-123, Berlin, Deutschland


Building great business stories.

Wir sind ein unabhängiger Partner, der mit dem kompetitiven Umfeld der Marketing- und Werbeagenturen bestens vertraut ist. Nennen Sie uns Ihre Bedürfnisse und wir sagen Ihnen, an welche Agenturen Sie sich wenden müssen.

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