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Köln, Deutschland
We create new realities.
Visualizations for the highest demands.
In order to convince with design of outstanding architecture on all levels and to prevail in competitive decisions, first-class visualizations are a must. It is the aspiration of our team to work out the visions and design peculiarities of each individual project with the help of our architectural understanding. In close and personal contact with the customer we carve out the qualities of your design. In this way, we can not only visually grasp the atmospheric qualities of the planned space with special sensitivity, but also make it emotionally understandable. We create images that are able to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our interdisciplinary approach towards image production creates a holistic effect that is reflected in the final product. The sub-disciplines of architecture, interior design, furnishing, photography and art are closely interwoven and influence each other. The targeted use of these characteristics creates a composition that focuses on the essence of architectural work: the design as such. In order to make this possible, we tailor the environment, composition and atmosphere so that the design and its specific features are optimally used and its potential can be unveiled freely.
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  • Beschreibung
    3D renderings offer an impressive way to bring concepts, designs, and ideas to a visually appealing and realistic form. Here is a description of the benefits of 3D renderings:

    Precision and Detail Accuracy:
    3D renderings allow for precise representation of objects, spaces, or landscapes with exceptional detail accuracy. Every element can be modeled and depicted down to the smallest detail, making it ideal for architectural designs, product visualizations, and virtual prototypes.

    Realistic Representation:
    Through advanced rendering techniques such as ray tracing and lighting simulations, 3D renderings can achieve an impressive level of realism. Light, shadows, reflections, and materials are faithfully recreated to create a lifelike environment that gives the viewer the feeling of actually being on-site.

    Creative Freedom and Adaptability:
    With 3D renderings, creativity knows no bounds. Designers and artists can freely implement their visions using various styles, colors, and textures. Additionally, the flexibility of 3D software allows for quick adjustments and iterations to meet requirements and feedback.

    Communication Tool:
    3D renderings often serve as an effective communication tool to convey complex ideas or designs clearly. They enable clients, investors, or other stakeholders to get a clear picture of a project before it is physically realized. This facilitates decision-making and minimizes misunderstandings.

    Cost Efficiency and Time Savings:
    Compared to traditional methods like physical models or prototypes, 3D renderings can significantly reduce costs and time. Changes or iterations can be made quickly and cost-effectively without the need for expensive materials or elaborate production processes.

    Overall, 3D renderings offer a powerful way to bring concepts to life, support design decisions, and enhance project efficiency. With their ability to combine realism and creativity, they play a crucial role in various industries, from architecture and design to marketing and entertainment.
    Skills in 3D (10)
    3D Rendering3D Animation3D Modeling3D Visualisierung3d Design3D-Virtuelle Besuche3D-Produktrendering3D-Messestand-Modellierung3D-Architektur3ds Max
    Referenzen in 3D (23)
    Competition - ECMWF, Bonn - 3D
    Competition - Elementary School, Salzhausen - 3D
    Competition - Elementary School, Kronsberg - 3D
    City Nord - U5, Hamburg - 3D
    Kunden in 3D (23)
    Bundesministerium für Digitales und VerkehrRegierung & Verwaltung | national
    Monica BonvinciniKunst & Handwerk | international
    Alicja Kwade/Gensler & SnøhettaKunst & Handwerk | international
    KoenigseggAutomobil | international

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  • Beschreibung
    Architectural photography is an art form that captures the beauty, structure, and unique characteristics of buildings. The strength of architectural photography lies in its ability to convey the architect's vision as well as the atmosphere and mood of a place in an impressive way.

    Precise Representation of Architecture:
    Architectural photography is distinguished by its ability to depict buildings precisely and with rich detail. It allows the structure, proportions, and architectural details of a building to be captured in all their splendor.

    Capturing the Environment:
    Architectural photography not only considers the building itself but also its surroundings and the context in which it exists. This can include the landscape, the urban environment, or the relationship to other buildings, to provide a comprehensive picture of the architectural work.

    Light and Shadow:
    Light plays a crucial role in architectural photography, as it highlights the shapes, textures, and dimensions of a building. Architectural photographers skillfully use light and shadow to enhance the visual impact of a building and create a specific atmosphere.

    Perspective and Composition:
    The choice of perspective and composition is crucial for the impact of architectural photography. By carefully positioning the frame and choosing the angle, architectural photographers can emphasize the architectural features of a building and create a dynamic, engaging composition.

    Product Photography:
    Product photography focuses on depicting products in an appealing and enticing way to showcase their design, functions, and value. The strength of product photography lies in its ability to present products professionally and enhance their attractiveness to potential customers.

    Detail Accuracy and Clarity:
    Product photography is characterized by its ability to depict products with high detail accuracy and clarity. It allows the textures, surfaces, and fine details of a product to be captured and presented precisely.

    Aesthetics and Style:
    Product photography often plays with aesthetics and style to enhance the visual appeal of a product. By choosing the right background, lighting, and composition, product photographers can create a specific mood or atmosphere that perfectly represents the brand and the product.

    Function Depiction:
    Product photography aims to convey not only the appearance but also the functions and features of a product. Through skillful staging and arrangement, product photographers can demonstrate the uses of a product and highlight its benefits.

    Brand Identity and Positioning:
    Product photography plays an important role in communicating the brand identity and positioning of a product. By selecting the right style, colors, and imagery, product photographers can help convey a brand's values and messages and successfully position the product in the market.

    Overall, architectural photography and product photography offer powerful ways to depict architecture and products in an appealing and convincing manner. Through their ability to capture details accurately, emphasize aesthetics, and convey functions, they play an important role in the presentation and marketing of buildings and products.
    Skills in Fotografie (14)
    Environmental PhotographyProduct PhotographyPhotoshootPhoto EditingCommercial PhotographyCorporate PhotographyPhoto ShootingCreative PhotographyOutdoor PhotographyDigital Photography+4
    Referenzen in Fotografie (5)
    Competition - ECMWF, Bonn - Fotografie
    I Do You - Neue National Galerie, Berlin - Fotografie
    Housing - Rotherbaum, Hamburg - Fotografie
    MDF Italia - Yale, Como - Fotografie
    Kunden in Fotografie (5)
    Bundesministerium für Digitales und VerkehrRegierung & Verwaltung | national
    Monica BonvinciniKunst & Handwerk | international
    BoliaLuxusgüter & Schmuck |
    MDF ItaliaLuxusgüter & Schmuck | international

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  • Beschreibung
    Designing websites is an intricate service that combines aesthetics, functionality, and performance to create a seamless user experience. Here’s a detailed description of this service, emphasizing the importance of beautiful design, functionality, and performance:

    Beautiful Design:
    The visual appeal of a website is crucial in making a lasting first impression. A beautifully designed website captures the essence of a brand and engages visitors through aesthetics and branding. Each website is crafted to reflect the unique identity of the brand it represents. From color schemes and typography to imagery and layout, every element is meticulously chosen to create a cohesive and visually appealing design. The design process focuses on creating intuitive and visually engaging interfaces that cater to the target audience. This involves understanding user behavior and preferences to ensure the website is both attractive and easy to navigate. Additionally, incorporating the latest design trends and techniques, such as minimalism, responsive design, and immersive visuals, keeps the website contemporary and relevant.

    Beyond aesthetics, a website must offer robust functionality to meet the needs of its users. This involves designing clear and straightforward navigation structures that allow users to find information effortlessly. Menus, buttons, and links are strategically placed to enhance the user journey. Integrating interactive features such as forms, sliders, and galleries engages users and encourages interaction, with these elements being both visually appealing and easy to use. Tailoring functionalities to the specific requirements of the business ensures that whether it’s an e-commerce platform, a blog, or a portfolio site, the functionality supports the site’s purpose effectively.

    A high-performing website is crucial for user satisfaction and search engine optimization (SEO). Optimizing images, code, and server response times ensures the website loads quickly, reducing bounce rates and improving the user experience. Ensuring the website is fully responsive and performs well on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, is essential for reaching a broader audience. Implementing SEO best practices enhances the website’s visibility in search engine results. This includes optimizing meta tags, content, and site structure to improve rankings and drive organic traffic.

    In summary, designing websites with a focus on beautiful design, functionality, and performance involves a comprehensive approach that blends creativity with technical expertise. By prioritizing aesthetics, ensuring seamless functionality, and optimizing for performance, the service delivers websites that not only look stunning but also provide an exceptional user experience and drive business success.
    Skills in Webseitengestaltung (8)
    Web ContentWebflowWebsite DesignMicrositeBack-End DevelopmentFront End DevelopmentSmall Business Web DesignWebsite Development

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  • Beschreibung
    Graphic design is a multifaceted service that involves creating visual content to communicate messages effectively. The service leverages elements such as typography, color, form, and readability to craft compelling designs that resonate with audiences. Here’s a detailed description of the service, taking these elements into account:

    Typography is a critical component of graphic design, as it shapes the way textual content is perceived and understood. A professional graphic design service carefully selects typefaces that align with the brand’s identity and the message being conveyed. This involves choosing appropriate font styles, sizes, and spacing to ensure readability and aesthetic appeal. The interplay between different typefaces can create a hierarchy of information, guiding the viewer’s eye to the most important elements first. Effective typography enhances the visual impact of a design, making it more engaging and easier to comprehend.

    Colors play a vital role in evoking emotions and creating a visual hierarchy in graphic design. A well-executed graphic design service uses color theory to choose palettes that complement the brand’s identity and the design’s purpose. Colors are selected to create contrast, harmony, and balance within the design. For instance, vibrant colors can grab attention and convey energy, while muted tones can communicate sophistication and calmness. The right color combinations can significantly enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of a design, making it memorable and impactful.

    Form refers to the shapes and structures used in graphic design. The use of form is essential in creating visual interest and organizing content. A professional graphic design service employs various forms, such as geometric shapes, organic curves, and abstract elements, to construct a cohesive and visually appealing layout. These forms can be used to highlight key information, create balance and symmetry, and guide the viewer’s eye through the design. The strategic use of form ensures that the design is not only attractive but also functional, effectively conveying the intended message.

    Readability is a fundamental aspect of graphic design, ensuring that the content is easy to read and understand. This involves more than just selecting the right typography; it also includes considerations like line spacing, text alignment, and contrast between text and background. A good graphic design service ensures that the text is legible at a glance, with clear distinctions between headings, subheadings, and body text. Proper attention to readability makes the design accessible to a wider audience, enhancing its overall effectiveness.

    In summary, graphic design is a comprehensive service that integrates typography, colors, form, and readability to create visually compelling and effective designs. By carefully balancing these elements, the service delivers designs that not only capture attention but also communicate messages clearly and persuasively. Whether it’s for branding, marketing materials, or digital content, a well-executed graphic design can significantly enhance a brand’s visibility and engagement with its audience.
    Skills in Grafikdesign (14)
    Print DesignCorporate DesignIntuitive Design2D DesignLayout DesignOnline Graphic DesignIcon DesignFlat DesignImage EditingCreative Design+4
    Referenz in Grafikdesign (1)
    Relexa - Faszienrolle, Studio - Grafikdesign
    Kunde in Grafikdesign (1)
    Dr. Paul Koch GmbHKrankenhäuser & Gesundheitswesen | international

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GeschichteOur team is committed to bringing out the visions and unique design features of each project through our architectural expertise in close, personal contact with the client. We firmly believe in individual employees, individual clients, and individual solutions.
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