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Tinloof Berlin, Deutschland

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We make fast and stunning products.

Tinloof is a product agency that designs and builds web apps and sites.

We use technologies like React, Next.js, and Next.js to power fast and good looking products.

We work with all kinds of companies, lately we've worked with a digital audio workstation, a motor insurance, a digital marketing tool, an energy news aggregator, and a dental clinic. 

You can find all our case studies here: https://tinloof.com/work/

2 Personen im Team
Spricht Arabisch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch
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Arbeitet remote auf der ganzen Welt
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Gegründet 2019
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  • Beschreibung
    We specialize in building web applications, lately we've built an energy news conference and a music conference application. We handle design, frontend and backend, and organize the project in milestones and keep an open communication via a Notion board.
    Skills in Webanwendung (7)
    js developmentProduct DesignWeb ApplicationApplication DevelopmentWeb application developmentweb app designdevelopment outsourcing
    Referenzen in (5)
    LAK Gallery (Art Gallery) - Webanwendung
    Sendinblue (Digital Marketing Tool) - Webanwendung
    Zego (Motor Insurance) - Webanwendung
    Loop Create (Music Conference) - Webanwendung
    Kunden in Webanwendung (5)
    LAK GalleryKunst & Handwerk | international
    illuminemEnergie & Öl | international
    Loop CreateMusik | international
    ZegoVersicherung | international

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  • Beschreibung
    We build fast and usable websites mainly with React technologies and CMSes like Sanity. Our clients keep control over the content and have enjoyed the benefits from their new website. When we work on your product, we care about the elements that make your project outstanding: performance, usability, SEO, and accessibility.
    Skills in Webseitengestaltung (6)
    website localizationWeb DevelopmentWebsite CreationEcommerce Websiteweb sitecustom website
    Referenzen in (6)
    LAK Gallery (Art Gallery) - Webseitengestaltung
    Sendinblue (Digital Marketing Tool) - Webseitengestaltung
    Zego (Motor Insurance) - Webseitengestaltung
    Loop Create (Music Conference) - Webseitengestaltung
    Kunden in Webseitengestaltung (6)
    LAK GalleryKunst & Handwerk | international
    SendinblueMarketing & Werbung | international
    illuminemEnergie & Öl | international
    Sbaï DentaireKrankenhäuser & Gesundheitswesen | local

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  • Beschreibung
    We build eCommerce with a NextJS frontend coupled with a Headless CMS like Sanity. We are soon going to publish a case study about an art gallery for which we've built an eCommerce from scratch.
    Skills in E-Commerce (1)
    online ecommerce
    Referenz in (1)
    LAK Gallery (Art Gallery) - E-Commerce
    Bewertung in (1)
    Mamoun T
    Kunde in E-Commerce (1)
    LAK GalleryKunst & Handwerk | international

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6 Projekte durchgeführt von Tinloof

LAK Gallery (Art Gallery)
LAK Gallery (Art Gallery)

Projekt für LAK Gallery in der Kunst & Handwerk Branche für ein B2B / B2C Publikum 2021.LAK Gallery is an international gallery that displays limited edition contemporary pieces of art in furniture, ceramics, and sculpture.The gallery's site will be live towards the end of 2021, but in the meantime we are sharing with you how their curators are managing content with Sanity as a Headless CMS.

Digitale StrategieE-CommerceErgonomie (UX/UI)+4
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Sendinblue (Digital Marketing Tool)
Sendinblue (Digital Marketing Tool)

Projekt für Sendinblue in der Marketing & Werbung Branche für ein B2B / B2C Publikum.Sendinblue is a SaaS solution for relationship marketing that is currently serving more than 80,000 users.They've approached us to help them improve the Core Web Vitals of several projects they're running, and support them in developing features in Next.js projects.

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Zego (Motor Insurance)
Zego (Motor Insurance)

Projekt für Zego in der Versicherung Branche für ein B2B / B2C Publikum 2021.Zego is a commercial motor insurance provider that powers opportunities for businesses to self-employed drivers and riders.

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Loop Create (Music Conference)
Loop Create (Music Conference)

Projekt für Loop Create in der Musik Branche für ein B2C Publikum 2021.Loop Create is an event for music makers to discover new ideas and inspire their creative practice.Given the confidential nature of this project, we can't dive into specifics and can only share a few screenshots.

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illuminem (Energy News Aggregator)
illuminem (Energy News Aggregator)

Projekt für illuminem in der Energie & Öl Branche für ein B2B / B2C Publikum 2021.illuminem is an energy news aggregator that curates the latest headlines from media outlets like The Financial Times and Bloomberg. We designed and developed the product from the ground up.

Ergonomie (UX/UI)WebanwendungWebseitengestaltung
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Sbaï Dentaire (Dental Clinic)
Sbaï Dentaire (Dental Clinic)

Projekt für Sbaï Dentaire in der Krankenhäuser & Gesundheitswesen Branche für ein B2C Publikum 2020.Sbaï Dentaire is the #1 ranked dentist by Google users in Casablanca. We created the online presence of the dental clinic from scratch, taking care of strategy, web design, web development, and marketing.This project came to life before we started tinloof, way before the team included professional product and brand designers.We could say this was an unintended experiment that eventually defined what tinloof would be about in the next months.

Digitale StrategieErgonomie (UX/UI)Markenbildung & Positionierung+2
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7 Bewertungen für Tinloof

(7 Bewertungen)
Mamoun TCo-founder bei LAK Gallery
SektorKunst & Handwerk
Team1 - 10
Was war das Ziel Ihrer Zusammenarbeit?
To build an eCommerce for our art gallery that represents dozens of independent artists.
Was hat Ihnen während Ihrer Zusammenarbeit am meisten Spaß gemacht?
Smooth communication with both Seif and Omar, speed execution, and attention to details. Also, we have an amazing CMS called Sanity that allows our curators to easily add pieces to the eCommerce. The site is also very fast as they have used technologies like Next.js.

Mamoun T empfiehlt diese Agentur

SektorKunst & Handwerk
Team1 - 10

HazelUI Designer bei Ableton
It was a pleasure working with Tinloof. They are friendly, professional and most importantly deliver world-class solutions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and hope we can work together in the future.

ZakCo-founder bei IN THEORY
Tinloof are absolute magicians when it comes to web development. Having worked with them for the past three months on a big project all leading up to a key event day with thousands of attendees, they exceeded all expectations, delivered everything on time and went above and beyond to ensure we delivered a top quality product. Which means: happy clients! Along with being extremely knowledgeable, and professional Omar and Seif are also just genuinely lovely and fun people which makes working with them insanely easy! I’m looking forward to working with them again and would absolutely recommend them if you are looking to build any sort of web product. Can’t wait for the next project together.

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  • HeadquarterBerlin, Germany


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