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We’re an independent experience company with 12 offices worldwide. For over 50 years we have specialised in creating experiences that change how people feel, think and act. Through a deep understanding of experience design, human behaviour and storytelling, we use the power of experience to shape the entire customer journey from promoting awareness to driving conversion. We recognise that management and quality delivery is as important as the creativity we are bringing to life. Our high standards and quality of service are recognised across the industry, which is why clients stay with us for decades, not days. And we measure the impact of everything we do, ensuring our experiences are insight driven, optimised and deliver true ROI. We offer a broad range of integrated services and skills across three core areas: Insight, Platforms and Analytics. Insight Trends Strategy Research User Experience Platforms Brand Experience  Social Media Brand/Visual Identities Digital Platforms Hotel & Leisure Immersive Technology Retail Live Events Content Analytics Dashboards Analysis Data Science CRM
350 Personen im Team
Spricht Deutsch, Englisch
8 Referenzen im Portfolio
Arbeitet remote auf der ganzen Welt
Sortlist Mitglied seit 2020
Gegründet 1968
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  • Beschreibung
    What makes a brand unique? How is it compelling to the target audience? And how can a brand create an emotional connection to the consumers? All valuable questions we think need to be answered when creating a strong brand positioning.
    Skills in Markenbildung & Positionierung (11)
    researchingtrendscustomerMessagingBrand DesignBrand PersonalityBrand IdentityConceptionVisual IdentityBrand Promise+1
    Referenzen in (6)
    A pioneering spirit - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Inside Rolls-Royce - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Go Electric - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Make the Future Live - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Kunden in Markenbildung & Positionierung (6)
    Jaguar Land RoverAutomobil | international
    Ford Motor CompanyAutomobil | international
    Brown FormanGetränke | international
    Major League BaseballSport | international

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  • Beschreibung

    Für diese Dienstleistung ist keine Beschreibung vorhanden.

    Referenzen in (2)
    Go Electric - Digitale Strategie
    First virtual and live broadcast experience - Digitale Strategie
    Kunden in Digitale Strategie (2)
    Jaguar Land RoverAutomobil | international
    Ford Motor CompanyAutomobil | international

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8 Projekte durchgeführt von Imagination Group

A pioneering spirit
A pioneering spirit

Projekt für Brown Forman in der Getränke Branche für ein B2C Publikum 2019.Inspired by Old Forester’s unique position as the first bottled bourbon, and only bourbon to be continuously sold before, during and after prohibition, we are pleased to celebrate the triumphant return of this whisky back to Kentucky's famous Whiskey Row, and humbled to have been asked to help design it's new home.

Content-StrategieMarkenbildung & Positionierung
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Inside Rolls-Royce
Inside Rolls-Royce

Projekt für Rolls-Royce in der Automobil Branche für ein B2C Publikum 2014.How do you demystify a heritage brand to reach a new audience?Take visitors inside the heart of the brand with playful installations, for free!

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Go Electric
Go Electric

Projekt für Ford Motor Company in der Automobil Branche für ein B2C Publikum 2020.How do you excite consumers about the future of movement?Go to where they are and empower them to embrace the future.

Digitale StrategieEventGaming+4
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Make the Future Live
Make the Future Live

Projekt für Shell in der Energie & Öl Branche für ein B2C Publikum.How do you inspire millennials to think innovatively about the future of energy? Shell’s global festival of ideas and innovation is designed to spark conversation and bright ideas amongst millennials by inspiring them with stories of human ingenuity drawn from their open innovation programme.

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Go Faster
Go Faster

Projekt für Ford Motor Company in der Automobil Branche für ein B2C Publikum 2017. How do you go from being well known to well loved? Ford needed to find a better way of making meaningful connections with its target audience. We created an immersive driving experience inspired by Hollywood that invited members of the public to take part in their own trailer for the imaginary film ‘Go Faster’ and learn a getaway driver. Over a period of four hours guests were immersed in the film’s story of Remie Casino and his double-crossing best mate, and learnt how to complete a number of stunts to ensure they could play the role of getaway driver.

EventOnlinewerbungSocial Media
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Challenge the impossible
Challenge the impossible

Projekt für Jaguar Land Rover in der Automobil Branche für ein B2B / B2C Publikum 2015.A campaign for the launch of Jaguar’s first ever SUV across all touchpoints, that exceeded expectations, defied physics and literally turned the brand upside down.

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  • HeadquarterIm Mediapark 8, 50670 Köln, Germany

  • South Crescent London, WC1E 7BL United Kingdom

  • Hazel Tree Barn, King's Hill Ln, Coventry CV3 6PS, UK

  • Boulevard Plaza 2, Level 6, Office Suite 601, PO Box 214802, Dubai, UAE. Tel: +971 04-5167, 222 - دبي - United Arab Emirates

  • Fairlane Plaza North, 290 Town Center Dr 7th floor, Dearborn, MI 48126, USA

  • 116/26-32 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia

  • Jingbo Rd, Jinshan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

  • 11/13 Cubitt St, Cremorne VIC 3121, Australia

  • Suite 1812, 15/F Soundwill Plaza II, Midtown 1, 29 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

  • Terminal Stores Building, 605 W 27th St 8th Floor, New York, NY 10001, USA


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