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Adressen anzeigenIsarwinkel 16, 81379 München, GermanyGrünwälderstraße 10, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, GermanySchönbrunner Str. 213-215, 1120 Wien, Austria+ 1 weitere BürosRua do Pinheiro Manso 34, 4100-119 Porto, Portugal
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Alexander Rieder
Maria Lienhard
Virtual Identity AG Titelbild

Virtual Identity AG

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no bullshit

since 1995


We help brands transforming business challenges into digital opportunities.

We act as lead agency and
pragmatic solution partner.

All digital since 1995.

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From €50000

Modular systems that accelerate development We develop conceptual and technical systems that enable companies to operate their internal and external ecosystems in an agile way. Modularity is our guiding principle. UI Systems The UI systems we design help companies to make their internal and external communication brand-consistent. Through their modularity, they accelerate the development of new services and thus contribute to digital business success. Backend systems The micro service architectures we design enable companies to quickly develop new functionalities or easily integrate existing services. Thereby, way we accelerate the functional development of digital ecosystems. User Research Few things inspire us as much as getting to know the world from the user's perspective. Our ambition is to understand what matters for them. And develop digital solutions that are useful for them. Application and Website Design We work with great passion to make complex things simple. Our ambition is to make the digital everyday life of our users beautiful and simple. This is convenient for the user and for the client a prerequisite for digital success. Software Development When elegant solutions are found for complex requirements and multi-layered data structures, our developers blossom. No matter if it is a website, an app, a skill or an IoT solution. Search Engine Marketing By translating corporate messages into information needs, we ensure that supply and demand meet with the help of search engines. This helps users and our clients.

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Backend SystemsUI SystemsApplication and Website DesignSoftware DevelopmentUser ResearchSearch Engine Marketing

Soziale Medien

From €1000

Audience Analytics With curiosity we find out what matters for our target groups, what topics they deal with and what language they speak. Community Management With empathy and expertise we engage with the communities and support them seven days a week, around the clock with advice and action. Content Development We are insanely happy when the content we develop resonates: Because it is useful, inspiring or entertaining. On websites, in social media and everything in between. Social Media Marketing Every day we ask ourselves anew how we can use media more effectively to achieve the sales and marketing goals of our clients.

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audience analyticsCommunity ManagementContent DevelopmentSocial Media Marketing

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