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Leipzig, Deutschland
Signature Video Production - Artistic Storytelling for your Brand
TiePic Media is a bespoke video and media production company founded and spearheaded by filmmaker Tiemo Weidemann. We specialise in crafting emotionally resonant, visually striking, and artistically valuable videos for a diverse range of international clients and brands, with a strong focus on the luxury and premium market. Our diverse client base includes acclaimed artists, architects, luxury brands, and high-end artisans, among others. Thanks to our international experience and cultural awareness, we can create videos that resonate deeply with audiences across different markets. We believe that video is one of the most powerful mediums for conveying a message and evoking an emotional response. Therefore, we strive to create videos that not only tell a story but also immerse viewers in an unforgettable experience, approaching every project with a focus on creating videos that meet the unique needs and vision of our clients.
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    We mainly focus on the production of story or emotion-driven Image Films or Commercials because those are the projects that allow us to live out our creative passion to the fullest. For certain suitable projects, we are given complete creative freedom from the clients, which culminates in the creation of, what we call, a Signature Film. For every project, no matter what type, we challenge ourselves to always strive for fresh and interesting ideas. In this way, we also offer cutting-edge styles together with more traditional video types which we love to give a little twist.
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    Post ProductionShort FilmVideo MarketingVideo EditingVideo ShootingFilmmakingFilm ProductionAudiovisualPre ProductionAudiovisual Production+7
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    I Veneziani - The Master Artisans Of Venice - Videoproduktion
    Minutiae - The Details Of Life - Videoproduktion
    Stilwandler - Videoproduktion
    Catching Light - Videoproduktion
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    TiePic Media GmbHKunst & Handwerk | international
    Hans HeinzeKunst & Handwerk | national
    Stilwandler GmbHLuxusgüter & Schmuck | national
    Sofia Provera AtelierKleidung & Accessoires | national

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