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FLUID Design GmbH Titelbild

FLUID Design GmbH


Über FLUID Design GmbH

FLUID (formerly LUNAR Europe) is an independent, international and award-winning design and innovation agency based in Munich and Los Angeles.

We are an international team of creatives passionately designing for the business challenges of our time. Around the world, we work together in close partnership with our clients, from global companies to innovative startups.
The work we do inspires us, fueling our curiosity and insight and delighting our clients with original solutions.

Over ten amazing years, we've been growing - not just in size, awards and influence, but most importantly of all, into who we are today: a team of passionate creatives, researchers, strategists and designers with international experience and diverse cultural backgrounds.

We strongly believe in a user-centered approach that helps our clients innovate in meaningful ways: to turn great ideas into intelligent strategies, beautiful and engaging products and services that stand out.

We offer the following competencies with which support across industries: Insights & Strategy, Industrial Design, UX Design, UI Design, Healthcare Design, Service Design

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MyShare - Enabling ownership culture.Februar 2019

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€10000 – €1000000

We put the user at the center - always! There’s nothing more important than understanding human needs and desires in order to develop and launch a successful product or service today. We help companies to truly engage with their customers and to develop the strongest empathy for their user’s needs and behaviors. Get to know your user personally through inspiring research, co-creation, and testing. We are passionate about people and about truly understanding their professional and personal lives. We empathise and engage with your users no matter what culture and market in order to deliver a product and service that delights and is spot-on. Let’s understand your users better together!

User Research
User experience & interface design
Usability Testing
industrial design
Research & Insights
Design Thinking
Digital Transformation
Design Systems
Mobile App UI Design
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Digitale Strategie

€10000 – €1000000

We bring together disciplines to create holistic transformational solutions that delight. Today, new technologies and the growing digitization of old, established processes offer vast new opportunities. In our connected world, these are even capable of disrupting whole industries. We help our clients to steer successfully through this process by shaping these transformational products and services: solid customer value propositions, a well-crafted software with great UX and an engaging, unique design expression. We believe outstanding solutions are only possible through focusing on real user needs, this way they have great impact on people's lives and offer premier value. Transformational products should be delightful to use and beautifully executed while scalable for your global needs. How can we help you transform?

Digital Transformation
digitizing business
digital transformation consulting

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