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Stuttgart, Deutschland
SeeArts brings immersive artistic experiences around the 🌍 and let people see & dive into the sea of Arts 🎭🌟🚀
SeeArts is a creative event production company focusing on the value of the Arts for Business and striving to bring immersive experiences and flow to events, happenings and public places to make a difference and emotionally connect crowds in a spirit of togetherness. Fabian experienced the transformational potential of the arts during his social service in Guadalajara in Mexico. Inspired by his intensive work with the youth in a social circus, he found his own passion for the performing arts and learned at first hand that “Art Changes People and People Change the World”. In the sub-urban paradise Wagenhallen in Stuttgart, his first encounter with the giant puppet DUNDU and his ingenious co-founders Tobias Husemann and Stefan Charisius left a big impact on him. Fabian bridged the artistic idea with a global vision under the theme of Sharing the Light. Putting forces together, DUNDU has become an internationally renowned masterpiece with a social mission. Together with the diverse team of artists and makers, Fabian has created artistic experiences from Chile over Russia to Taiwan. He loves to transform public space into theatrical stages – juggling between art disciplines and new immersive technologies while shaping imaginative fusions. As creative dynamo his driving force is the ability to connect the dots in the realization of site-specific, unique moments of joy and light where audiences become participants and co-creatively build a bridge called art. With SeeArts, he shares his global exposure to help other artists thrive along and create a global movement of change with the Arts. We are purpose-drive to make gigantic steps in creating a better world through new collaboration patterns, trustful community work and co-creative process flows.
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Gegründet 2017
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Bushra D.Director bei Private Company

wir haben unser Sommerfest Event mit Fabian von Seearts realisiert und waren hell auf begeistert! Kunst und Entertainment vom feinsten, von der Konzeption bist Plannung und Ralisierung und auch die Betreuung der Künstler vor Ort war super. Wir hatten super Spaß und freuen uns auf weitere Events!

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