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Alexandria, USA
Our mission is to help IT companies to reach new markets abroad.
🇺🇸 Alconost offers translation and localization services for games, apps, websites, and software localization in more than 100 languages. Professional native translators with experience in the IT industry. 🇩🇪 Alconost bietet Übersetzung und Lokalisierung von Spielen, Apps, Webseiten, Software-Lokalisierung in mehr als 100 Sprachen an. Professionelle muttersprachliche Übersetzer, Erfahrung in IT-Branche.
600 Personen im Team
Spricht Deutsch, Englisch
15 Projekte in ihrem Portfolio
Sortlist Mitglied seit 2022
Gegründet 2004


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  • Beschreibung
    Our translation and localization service offers over 100 languages, LQA, continuous localization, and marketing localization for apps. We provide accurate and culturally appropriate translations to help you reach new markets and grow your business.
    Skills in Mobile App (56)
    Indonesian TranslationAfrikaans TranslationSoftware LokalisierungSpiel LokalisierungLokalization testingLQABulgarian TranslationChinese (Simplified) TranslationChinese (Traditional) TranslationCzech Translation+46
    Referenzen in Mobile App (14)
    Localization of TikTok-App - Mobile App
    Localization for Microsoft MakeCode - Mobile App
    Translation for GitHub-Materials - Mobile App
    Localization for Days After - Mobile App
    Bewertung in Mobile App (1)
    Victor L.
    Kunden in Mobile App (14)
    FoodbackLebensmittel | international
    Deuscraft // Grand Hotel ManiaVideospiel | international
    MysteryTag // Harvest Land, Paris: City AdventureVideospiel | international
    TikTokMedien |

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  • Beschreibung
    Alconost provides translation and localization services for various needs, including game, app, website, software, and marketing localization, in over 100 languages. We use innovative localization technologies and platforms and offer continuous localization management for projects with frequent updates. Alconost also offers an express translation service for quick human translations within 2-24 hours and video production services.
    Skills in Webanwendung (65)
    ProofreadingGerman TranslationE-learning Lokalisierungmuttersprachlicher ÜbersetzersoftwarelokalisierungApp LokalisierungPolish TranslationWebsite-LokalisierungLokalisierungsdiensteÜbersetzungsdienste+55
    Referenzen in Webanwendung (7)
    Localization for Harvard University - Webanwendung
    Localization for Microsoft MakeCode - Webanwendung
    Translation for GitHub-Materials - Webanwendung
    Localization for Foodback - Webanwendung
    Kunden in Webanwendung (7)
    GitHubMedien |
    Microsoft MakeCodeSoftware & Computerservice | international
    ViberTelekommunikation | international
    BandsintownMedien | international

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  • Beschreibung
    Alconost is a reliable translation and localization service that can help you reach global markets. With the team of professional native linguists, we offer accurate translations and culturally appropriate localization for games, apps, websites, software, and marketing materials in over 100 languages. They use advanced localization technologies and platforms, offer continuous localization management, and can deliver express translations within a quick turnaround time. Additionally, we provide video production services for advertising and promotional content.
    Skills in Textgestaltung (67)
    Bulgarian TranslationE-learning LocalizationSpiel-LokalisierungDeutsche ÜbersetzungEnglische ÜbersetzungÜbersetzungsdiensteLokalisierungsdiensteWebsite-LokalisierungPolish TranslationApp Lokalisierung+57
    Bewertung in Textgestaltung (1)
    Lyudmila K.

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  • Beschreibung
    Our animated video production service creates custom animated videos for apps, games, products, and brands, offering a streamlined process from concept to design. We provide voice-overs in multiple languages by professional, native-speaking voice talent and can also localize videos for any target language to help you reach a global audience.
    Skills in Videoproduktion (71)
    Lithuanian TranslationMalay TranslationMalayalam TranslationPersian TranslationRomanian TranslationSlovak TranslationSerbian TranslationSlovenian TranslationLocalization ServicesTamil Translation+61

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  • Beschreibung
    We specialize in producing custom animated videos that can be tailored to showcase your apps, games, products, or brands. Our video production process is smooth and efficient, taking your concepts and transforming them into visually appealing designs. We provide professional voice-overs in various languages, performed by native-speaking voice talents, and our localization services ensure that the videos resonate with your target audience, regardless of their language.
    Skills in Motion-Design (71)
    Dutch TranslationMotion GraphicsExplainer VideoShort FilmGamingFilm ProductionMotion Design 3DTranslation Services3D Graphic DesignVoice Over+61

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  • Beschreibung
    We offer top-quality language localization services for various materials, including software, apps, games, websites, and more. Our expert native-speaking linguists ensure that your content is localized seamlessly into over 100 languages. We use a cloud-based quality-centric translation process, which can be managed by a dedicated project manager or through our self-serve translation platform.

    Additionally, our animated video production services include custom videos for apps, games, products, and brands, featuring streamlined processes from concept to design. We provide voice-overs in multiple languages by professional, native-speaking voice talents, and we offer video localization services for any target language.
    Skills in Innovation (46)
    App LocalizationAnimatic OnlineLocalization ServicesMarketing LocalizationContinuous LocalizationGame TrailerGame LocalizationVoice Over3D Visualisation3D Design+36
    Referenzen in Innovation (10)
    Localization for Microsoft MakeCode - Innovation
    Translation for GitHub-Materials - Innovation
    Localization for Days After - Innovation
    Localization for Punch Club - Innovation
    Kunden in Innovation (10)
    GitHubMedien |
    Microsoft MakeCodeSoftware & Computerservice | international
    BandsintownMedien | international
    Reaction Games LTD. // Days AfterVideospiel | international

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  • Beschreibung
    Looking to expand your reach globally? Our Multilingual Marketing Services can help you market and promote your product or service in over 100 languages. We offer a comprehensive package of SEO, PPC, SMM, content, and web development strategies tailored to your needs. Our data-driven and Agile approach ensures you get measurable results. Plus, you'll have a dedicated project manager to guide you every step of the way.
    Skills in SEO (60)
    Latvian TranslationIcelandic TranslationHungarian TranslationHindi TranslationHebrew TranslationGreek TranslationFinnish TranslationEstonian TranslationDanish TranslationCroatian Translation+50

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  • Beschreibung

    Für diese Dienstleistung ist keine Beschreibung vorhanden.

    Skills in Marketing (1)
    Local Marketing

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  • Beschreibung

    Für diese Dienstleistung ist keine Beschreibung vorhanden.

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600 Mitglieder in Alconost Inc.'s Team

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GeschichteAlconost is a company of open-minded people. Solving problems for our customers is our daily routine. We are aware of the challenges of our work and always think about what we could do. We want our solutions to be helpful.
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Victor L.Board member & Co-founder bei Orangesoft
DienstleistungMobile App

We liked the speed of work and ease of communication. Can't think of any downsides. Everything worked well in my cases. I always use their services when localization is needed for an application or game. I recommend their online service for working with translators:

DienstleistungMobile App

Lyudmila K.ASO specialist bei Black Caviar Games

Translation of in-game texts and metadata for the Google Play & App Store for Action RPG and Simulation games. We translated in-game texts and descriptions for the app stores in US, UK, DE, FR, SP, IT, PT (BR). Translations were done quickly, edits were made, communication with translators was fast. We liked fast text translation within 24 hours, support service, the ease of use of Nitro. Some translators don't get into the stylistics on the technical assignment, don't use slang and dialect. Need to check and give corrections in time.


Nikolai U.CEO bei Usanik Studio
DienstleistungGame Entwicklung

I order localization for our game projects. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and quality of the translations. The company has excellent managers. Separately, I would like to mention the translators who have carefully and responsibly approached their work. Thanks to the translators, several errors were found in the original text. There were no significant problems. The company's managers quickly solved any questions, so I am pleased with our cooperation. Our translations were done during the Christmas holidays. I am surprised

DienstleistungGame Entwicklung
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  • Headquarter700 N Fairfax St suite 614, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

  • Thomas-Mann-Straße 27, 07743 Jena, Deutschland