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WERBEWELT Stuttgart, Deutschland

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WERBEWELT ist eine Werbeagentur in Stuttgart, München und New York. Branding, Campaigning, Digital Marketing, Social Media, E-Commerce und Public Relations.
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  • Beschreibung
    We are a German agency that thinks and acts globally. Our concept is “Innovation and Change”. We are always changing. Not because our clients want us to, but because that is what time demands. This is why we focus on what really matters: creativity*

    But this alone is no longer enough today. At a time when everything is becoming more arbitrary, communication is turning into a worldwide mass movement, everybody shares everything with everybody else, user behaviour is becoming ever more unpredictable, and the important and trivial are constantly mixed, then there is only one path to take: Relevance

    We're not pretending we know what media-related change will bring tomorrow. But one thing is certain: in spite of time pressure and tight budgets, we achieve results that lastingly increase not only sales but also brand value.

    This is a formula we apply to both national and international brands – together with a constant stream of new ideas and media possibilities. We interfere. We say what we think. We fight passionately for creative campaigns and sustainable brand reinforcement. That’s what we call “Relevant Creativity”.
    Skills in Werbung (1)
    Outdoor Advertising
    Referenz in (1)
    Make Your Life Unforgettable - Werbung
    Kunde in Werbung (1)
    JACK WOLFSKINKleidung & Accessoires | international

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  • Beschreibung
    Brand eCommerce since 2006!

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1 Projekt durchgeführt von WERBEWELT

Make Your Life Unforgettable
Make Your Life Unforgettable

Projekt für JACK WOLFSKIN in der Kleidung & Accessoires Branche für ein B2C Publikum. Make Your Life Unforgettable The aim is to communicate the brand as an experienceable and above all authentic outdoor brand. With real content and a credible interaction with the customer.This is why the first major social media campaign consistently focuses on entirely authentic storytelling. Genuine. Without smoke and mirrors. For this purpose, 29-year-old Milan was handed a camera and sent on a trip to Greenland for nine days. Milan had never been to the Arctic Zone before and was very passionate about documenting this expedition. The way he felt it. Live. Pure. Authentic. He zooms in on the thoughts, impressions and moments experienced during such an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Fascinating canoe excursions between icebergs, husky sled rides at a tearing speed across seemingly endless snowy landscapes, emotions that you can feel – from total euphoria to complete exhaustion.More than ten hours of footage were turned into an emotional two-minute clip that very convincingly conveys the message #makeyourlifeunforgettable. “We don’t eat”, the wonderful song performed by internationally renowned folk pop artist James Vincent McMorrow, is the perfect soundtrack for an elaborate and touching social media storytelling campaign aimed to address, reach and inspire a new target group for the Jack Wolfskin brand.

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  • HeadquarterSchloßstraße 70, 70176 Stuttgart, Germany


Building great business stories.

Wir sind ein unabhängiger Partner, der mit dem kompetitiven Umfeld der Marketing- und Werbeagenturen bestens vertraut ist. Nennen Sie uns Ihre Bedürfnisse und wir sagen Ihnen, an welche Agenturen Sie sich wenden müssen.

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