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We love making videos.
Avalon stands as a premier video production company, dedicated to crafting top-tier video content. Whether the goal is to showcase a product, introduce a new service, or elevate brand awareness, we excel in assisting organizations in the creation of captivating visual productions. Our commitment to communication, honesty, and unwavering quality forms the essence of our work. Immersive and impactful, our productions adhere to the highest standards, catering to a diverse array of clients worldwide. We firmly believe that effective communication, transparent collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence are the cornerstones of our approach. Experience the caliber of our work by exploring our showreel at watch our showreel right here: https://vimeo.com/152740682
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Spricht Deutsch, Englisch, Niederländisch
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Arbeitet remote auf der ganzen Welt
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Gegründet 2015
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  • Beschreibung
    Boost Engagement, Build Trust, and Add Value with Our Premier Video Production Services

    Looking to captivate your audience, establish trust, and deliver meaningful content? Our top-notch video production services are meticulously crafted to help you achieve just that. With our expertise, you can create high-quality videos that not only capture attention but leave a lasting impact.

    Take your movie to new heights with powerful cinematography from dazzling aerial perspectives. Our drone services ensures breathtaking visuals that elevate your storytelling to unprecedented levels.

    Transform your musical vision into a visual masterpiece that resonates profoundly with your audience. Our crew and cutting-edge equipment are ready to bring your music to life, capturing the essence of your sound in stunning visuals.

    In color correction, we don't just adjust contrast and brightness; we breathe life into your visuals. Our grid color grading techniques ensure your film or video reflects the perfect balance of tone and vibrancy.

    Struggling to explain your product? It's time to animate your brand with our expert animation services. Our animation skills add a dynamic touch, making your brand come alive in the digital space.

    Our corporate videos go beyond the ordinary. We craft exceptional narratives that help businesses unveil their brand's unique story, fostering trust and connection with their audience.

    Your premier destination for exceptional aftermovies. We don't just capture events; we encapsulate the essence, ensuring your aftermovie becomes a cherished memory for your audience.

    Good stories captivate audiences; great stories build legacies. Our storytelling expertise ensures that your narrative resonates, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of your viewers.

    We work tirelessly to give your clips a professional look. Our skilled video editing team ensures seamless transitions, captivating sequences, and a polished finish that sets your content apart.

    REAL ESTATE VIDEOS SHOT BY EXPERTS – Sell Your Property with Impact:
    Our real estate videos are crafted by experts who understand the power of visuals in selling properties. Let us showcase your property in a way that captivates potential buyers.

    Dreamers of dreams, makers of wedding cinema. Our wedding films are an ode to love, capturing the magic and emotion of your special day in a cinematic masterpiece.

    FREELANCERS – Only the Best for Your Vision:
    Driving the world forward with exceptional content. Our freelance videographers, photographers and editng services ensure that only the best creative minds contribute to bringing your vision to life.

    Choose us to turn your vision into a visual journey that resonates, captivates, and leaves an everlasting impression. Inquire now for a content experience like no other.

    Skills in Videoproduktion (56)
    Short FilmAnimated VideoCorporate VideoTVExplainer VideoPost ProductionVideo MarketingAftermovieVideo EditingMovie Production+46
    Referenzen in Videoproduktion (12)
    Relais Blu Italy - Videoproduktion
    Marcus Schossow - Lionheart - Videoproduktion
    ECCO Leather HOT-SHOP 12 - Videoproduktion
    Showreel Avalon Film Productions - Videoproduktion
    Bewertungen in Videoproduktion (9)
    Kim Sandifort
    Oliver Catherine
    Kunden in Videoproduktion (12)
    Relais BluReise & Freizeit | international
    Ecco LeatherKunst & Handwerk | international
    Armada MusicMusik |
    ChamaIndustriegüter & Service | international

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  • Beschreibung
    The aftermovie: the perfect moment to reflect on a fantastic event. Aftermovies have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially on social media where they garner a tremendous number of views. Attendees love reliving the atmosphere of the event through these videos. Creating an aftermovie for your (business) event is a crucial part of marketing. We ensure a creative style in the video and guarantee that the aftermovie will be online as soon as possible after the event—after all, you have to strike while the iron is hot!

    Interested in having an aftermovie made?
    We'd love to brainstorm with you! Feel free to request a quote from us, taking the first step toward an impressive aftermovie.
    Skills in Event (53)
    Conference PlanningTeam Building OrganizationPre ProductionVenue ManagementCorporate Event ManagementPublic EventWedding PlanningPress EventsSponsoringVideo Shooting+43
    Referenzen in Event (4)
    ECCO Leather HOT-SHOP 12 - Event
    Showreel Avalon Film Productions - Event
    Brood met Spelen X Concertgebouw Amsterdam - Event
    Sales Outlook - Event
    Bewertungen in Event (3)
    Casper uphill
    Tomas Westenhuis
    Anna Badeaux
    Kunden in Event (4)
    Ecco LeatherKunst & Handwerk | international
    Avalon Film ProductionsUnterhaltung & Events | international
    Sales OutlookUnterhaltung & Events |
    Brood met SpelenGetränke |

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  • Beschreibung
    Avalon, a Film Production company, excels in crafting branded content and captivating visuals. We set the bar high, delivering top-notch content for a diverse range of global clients. If you’re looking to boost leads, drive sales, and elevate your business, reach out to explore.
    Skills in Content-Strategie (17)
    Content AdvertisingBlogging StrategySocial Content StrategyPre ProductionShareable ContentDirector of photographyCinematographyMovie ProductionBrand AwarenessVideo Editing+7
    Referenzen in Content-Strategie (2)
    Showreel Avalon Film Productions - Content-Strategie
    Paul Oakenfold - Touch Me - Content-Strategie
    Kunden in Content-Strategie (2)
    Avalon Film ProductionsUnterhaltung & Events | international
    Armada musicMusik | international

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  • Beschreibung
    Discover limitless possibilities with Avalon. Transform ideas into groundbreaking solutions that propel your business into the future. Embrace innovation, embrace success.
    Skills in Innovation (14)
    Google LensAR experience developmentProprietary AlgorithmCustomer Pains DiscoveryDigital Signature WorkflowGlobal InnovationLeadership TrainingOpen InnovationAugmented RealityMixed Reality Development+4
    Referenz in Innovation (1)
    Showreel Avalon Film Productions - Innovation
    Kunde in Innovation (1)
    Avalon Film ProductionsUnterhaltung & Events | international

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  • Beschreibung
    Strategic Storytelling Through Animation:
    Our motion design services go beyond aesthetics, weaving strategic storytelling into every frame. Whether it's a product launch, brand promotion, or conveying complex concepts, our animations are strategically crafted to engage and resonate with your target audience.

    Dynamic Visual Identity:
    Motion design is a powerful tool for shaping your brand's visual identity. We leverage dynamic graphics, fluid transitions, and visually compelling elements to create a distinctive and memorable brand presence. Your brand won't just be seen; it will be experienced.

    Engagement through Movement:
    In a world driven by visual content, motion design stands out as a dynamic force. Our animations are designed to capture attention and maintain viewer engagement. Whether on websites, social media, or presentations, our motion design ensures your content is not just seen but actively experienced.

    Data Visualization Excellence:
    Complex data doesn't have to be dull. Our motion design services extend to transforming data into visually engaging narratives. Through creative animations and infographics, we make even the most intricate information accessible and compelling.

    Cross-Platform Impact:
    Motion design is versatile, transcending platforms with ease. From social media posts and website banners to presentations and marketing collateral, our designs are optimized for seamless integration across various mediums, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence.

    Expert Craftsmanship and Innovation:
    Our team of skilled motion designers combines craftsmanship with innovation. We stay abreast of the latest design trends and technologies, ensuring that your motion design is not only visually stunning but also at the forefront of industry standards.
    Skills in Motion-Design (12)
    Motion Graphics2D AnimationCharacter AnimationMotion Design 3DMotion GraphicMotion Graphic DesignLogo Motion DesignClip Motion DesignComputer AnimationOnline Animation+2
    Referenz in Motion-Design (1)
    Showreel Avalon Film Productions - Motion-Design
    Kunde in Motion-Design (1)
    Avalon Film ProductionsUnterhaltung & Events | international

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  • Beschreibung
    Choose Avalon for a skilled photographer and unlock unparalleled visual excellence. Our passionate creatives, coupled with extensive industry experience, make us your go-to for comprehensive photography services that capture the essence of your vision.
    Skills in Fotografie (21)
    Photo ShootingPhoto PortraitProfessional PhotographyPhoto RetouchDigital PhotographyOutdoor PhotographyCreative PhotographyPortrait PhotographyWedding PhotographyCorporate Photography+11
    Referenzen in Fotografie (3)
    ECCO Leather HOT-SHOP 12 - Fotografie
    Showreel Avalon Film Productions - Fotografie
    Sales Outlook - Fotografie
    Kunden in Fotografie (3)
    Avalon Film ProductionsUnterhaltung & Events | international
    Sales OutlookUnterhaltung & Events |
    Ecco LeatherKunst & Handwerk | international

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  • Beschreibung
    Strategic Storytelling:
    Our team of creative visionaries collaborates with you to unravel the unique narrative of your brand. Through strategic storytelling, we ensure that every video speaks to your audience, delivering a compelling message that resonates and sparks conversation.

    High-impact Visuals:
    From eye-catching product launches to behind-the-scenes glimpses of your company culture, we specialize in producing visually stunning content that stops the scroll. Our commitment to quality ensures that your videos not only look impressive but also convey the essence of your brand with clarity and precision.

    Platform Optimization:
    Different social media platforms demand different approaches. We tailor our video content to fit seamlessly into the algorithms of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Whether it's short, attention-grabbing clips or longer-form storytelling, our videos are optimized to maximize engagement and shareability.

    Audience Connection:
    Building a loyal online community starts with connecting on a personal level. Our social media videos are designed to forge emotional connections with your audience, fostering brand loyalty and turning viewers into active advocates for your business.

    Data-Driven Results:
    We believe in the power of analytics. Our team monitors the performance of your social media videos, providing insights that drive future content strategies. By leveraging data, we refine our approach to ensure your videos not only capture attention but also deliver measurable results for your business.
    Skills in Social Media (26)
    Social Media ContestSocial Media TrainingFacebook Reach OptimizationSocial Media ChallengeSocial Media MonitoringSocial Media PlanningSocial Media StrategySocial Media Video ProductionInstagram Filter CampaignSocial Sharing Optimization+16
    Referenz in Social Media (1)
    Sales Outlook - Social Media
    Kunde in Social Media (1)
    Sales OutlookUnterhaltung & Events |

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  • Beschreibung
    Strategic Brand Development:
    We believe that a brand is more than just a symbol—it's a story. Our seasoned team of brand strategists works closely with you to uncover the essence of your business, defining a narrative that resonates with your target audience. Through in-depth market analysis and competitor research, we develop a strategic roadmap to position your brand for maximum impact and differentiation.

    Visual Identity Design:
    Our creative team brings your brand to life with visually stunning and cohesive design elements. From logos and color palettes to typography and imagery, we craft a visual identity that reflects your brand's personality and values. Our goal is to create a visual language that not only captivates your audience but also communicates your unique value proposition.

    Brand Messaging and Communication:
    Effective communication is the key to building a strong brand presence. We help you articulate a clear and compelling brand message that resonates with your target audience. Whether through taglines, mission statements, or brand stories, we ensure that every piece of communication reinforces the core values of your brand.

    Digital Presence Optimization:
    In today's digital age, a brand's online presence is often the first point of contact with potential customers. Our experts optimize your digital platforms, ensuring a seamless and consistent brand experience across websites, social media, and other online channels. We leverage the latest technologies and trends to keep your brand at the forefront of the digital landscape.

    Brand Positioning and Market Entry:
    Navigating the competitive market requires a strategic approach to positioning. We work with you to identify your unique selling points and carve out a distinctive space in the market. Whether you're launching a new product or repositioning an existing brand, our services are tailored to ensure you stand out in a crowded marketplace.
    Skills in Markenbildung & Positionierung (37)
    Brand DesignB2C PositioningUniques Attributes DefinitionTarget Market DefinitionMessagingBrandingCorporate IdentityVisual IdentityBrand IdentityBrand Development+27
    Referenzen in Markenbildung & Positionierung (2)
    ECCO Leather HOT-SHOP 12 - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Showreel Avalon Film Productions - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Kunden in Markenbildung & Positionierung (2)
    Ecco LeatherKunst & Handwerk | international
    Avalon Film ProductionsUnterhaltung & Events | international

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  • Beschreibung
    In the dynamic landscape of advertising and communication, effective media planning is the linchpin that propels brands to the forefront of audience attention. At Avalon, we specialize in the art and science of media planning, meticulously tailoring strategies that ensure your message not only reaches but resonates with your target audience.

    Strategic Insight and Research:
    Our journey begins with a deep dive into understanding your brand, target audience, and market dynamics. Through comprehensive research and analysis, we uncover valuable insights that form the bedrock of our strategic media planning process.

    Audience Profiling and Segmentation:
    One size does not fit all. We meticulously profile and segment your audience to ensure that each media placement is precisely tailored to resonate with specific demographics, behaviors, and interests. This personalized approach enhances engagement and maximizes the impact of your message.

    Channel Selection and Optimization:
    Navigating the multitude of media channels can be overwhelming. Our experts carefully curate the media mix, selecting channels that align with your goals, whether it's traditional outlets, digital platforms, or a strategic combination. Continuous optimization ensures your message is delivered with maximum efficiency and impact.

    Budget Allocation and ROI Maximization:
    Every advertising dollar is an investment in your brand's success. Our media planning process involves strategic budget allocation, ensuring that resources are directed to channels with the highest potential return on investment (ROI). This data-driven approach maximizes the effectiveness of your campaign.

    Integrated Campaign Strategies:
    We believe in the power of synergy. Our media planning extends beyond individual channels, integrating seamlessly with your overall marketing strategy. Whether it's synchronizing online and offline efforts or creating cohesive cross-channel campaigns, we ensure a unified brand presence that leaves a lasting impression.

    Performance Monitoring and Adaptation:
    In the ever-evolving media landscape, adaptability is key. Our team continuously monitors campaign performance, gathering real-time data to assess the effectiveness of media placements. This agile approach allows us to make data-driven adjustments, optimizing your campaign for ongoing success.
    Skills in Mediaplanung (16)
    Print Media BuyingOnline Media BuyingTV Media BuyingSocial Media BuyingMedia MonitoringStrategic PlanningNews CoverageMedia CoverageNew MediaMedia Planning And Buying+6
    Referenz in Mediaplanung (1)
    Showreel Avalon Film Productions - Mediaplanung
    Kunde in Mediaplanung (1)
    Avalon Film ProductionsUnterhaltung & Events | international

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  • Beschreibung
    We are a production company based in Amsterdam. Our passion is to make the most memorable films possible. Reach out to us if you want to create amazing commercials, online content, film or digital experiences.
    Skills in Audio Produktion (7)
    JinglePodcast Ad ProductionSound Identity ProductionRadio Ad ProductionMusic MixingMusic ProductionSound Design
    Referenz in Audio Produktion (1)
    ECCO Leather HOT-SHOP 12 - Audio Produktion
    Kunde in Audio Produktion (1)
    Ecco LeatherKunst & Handwerk | international

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GeschichteRoemer van Oostenbrugge is a driven, passionate and versatile film-maker, cameramen and media entrepreneur. He is at the helm of two companies, including Avalon Film Productions and Roemer. With a real ability to relate to the audience through his work, Roemer focuses on video commercials, as well as other projects
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(12 Bewertungen)
Alex KnightAdvertising & marketing at Ridgerock industries US.
Team51 - 200

What was the objective behind your collaboration?Avalon is a creative powerhouse! Having collaborated with Avalon three times now, we're continually impressed by their professionalism and ingenuity. They're not just professionals; they're visionaries. Deliveries are consistently on point and timely.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?- Quality of final product - Timeliness Rarely will you find a team that not only listens but consistently wows with ideas beyond expectations.

Are there any areas for improvements?Highly recommend! Thanks again lads!

Alex Knight recommends this agency

Team51 - 200

Michael KellogsComittee of five at NL
SectorRegierung & Verwaltung
Team201 - 500

What was the objective behind your collaboration?We were impressed with the quality of the videos they produced for another foundation and were easily convince. They had an impressive portfolio and a more impressive level of understanding of our requirements. So we reached out to Avalon and began our journey.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?Our videos have already been viewed more than the previous cycle's and the virtual event was a tremendous success, with a large audience, lots of engagement and high-profile praise from important stakeholders.

Michael Kellogs recommends this agency

SectorRegierung & Verwaltung
Team201 - 500

Kim SandifortOwner at Back to back
SectorKunst & Handwerk
Team1 - 10

What was the objective behind your collaboration?Avalon has been a valuable partner in elevating our brand. They produced high-quality, on-brand content and worked seamlessly with our team on social video content.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?The team is dedicated and flexible, and their open-minded approach fosters fresh ideas. We highly recommend Avalon Film Productions for its excellent design, strategy, and results.

Are there any areas for improvements?none

Kim Sandifort recommends this agency

SectorKunst & Handwerk
Team1 - 10

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