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Inspiring Business
Inspiring Business.  We are creatively-driven and strategically-led makers and doers who love building and shaping brands that stand the test of time. We believe in the power of great storytelling, brand aesthetics, and strategic use of touch-points that inspire dialogue and generate business growth. Most awarded agency at the German Brand Award 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 🥇 RedDot 🥇Previous awards: ADC 🥇Cannes Lions 🥇 Deutscher Digital Award 🥇EFFI 🥇NY Festival 🥇 EPICA 🥇 EuroBest... et al.
34 Personen im Team
Spricht Afrikaans, Deutsch, Englisch, Finnisch, Französisch... Mehr anzeigen
20 Referenzen im Portfolio
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Arbeitet remote auf der ganzen Welt
Sortlist Mitglied seit 2017
Gegründet 2015
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  • Beschreibung

    Für diese Dienstleistung ist keine Beschreibung vorhanden.

    Skills in Werbung (18)
    b2b marketingexternal advertisingmarketing and advertisingtech advertisingB2B Social mediaContent Creationonline adb2b brandingWebsiteAdvertising+8
    Referenzen in (12)
    AXPO - Werbung
    Planted - Werbung
    Lime - Werbung
    Bumble - Werbung
    Kunden in Werbung (12)
    TdH - Terre des HommesKrankenhäuser & Gesundheitswesen |
    AXPOEnergie & Öl | international
    Galderma S.A.Arzneimittel & Biotech |
    PŸURTelekommunikation | national

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  • Beschreibung

    Für diese Dienstleistung ist keine Beschreibung vorhanden.

    Skills in Social Media (13)
    instagram marketingSocial Media DesignSocial Media CampaignContent StrategyDesignInfluencer MarketingVideoSocial Media StrategySocial Media BrandingSocial+3
    Referenzen in (6)
    Planted - Social Media
    Startpage - Social Media
    Lime - Social Media
    Inyova - Social Media
    Kunden in Social Media (6)
    StartpageSoftware & Computerservice |
    LimeBike Germany GmbHTransport | national
    Galderma S.A.Arzneimittel & Biotech |
    Planted Food AGLebensmittel | national

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  • Beschreibung

    Für diese Dienstleistung ist keine Beschreibung vorhanden.

    Skills in Digitale Strategie (11)
    online digital marketingdigital adintegrated digital marketingmarketing and advertisinginternet advertisingservice marketingDigital CampaignOnline AdvertisingDigital AdvertisingDigital Marketing+1
    Referenzen in (11)
    AXPO - Digitale Strategie
    Planted - Digitale Strategie
    Startpage - Digitale Strategie
    Lime - Digitale Strategie
    Kunden in Digitale Strategie (11)
    Planted Food AGLebensmittel | national
    EGO MovementTransport | national
    PŸURTelekommunikation | national
    AXPOEnergie & Öl | international

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  • Beschreibung

    Für diese Dienstleistung ist keine Beschreibung vorhanden.

    Skills in Markenbildung & Positionierung (51)
    brand creationmultimedia designgraphic advertisingbranding marketingbusiness brandingBrand Identity Designsound brandingBrand Advertisinglogo motion designgraphic design services+41
    Referenzen in (18)
    AXPO - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Planted - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Startpage - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Lime - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Bewertungen in (2)
    Roman Balzan
    Kunden in Markenbildung & Positionierung (18) & Supply Chain |
    AXPOEnergie & Öl | international
    EWZ - Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt ZürichEnergie & Öl |
    Planted Food AGLebensmittel | national

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20 Projekte durchgeführt von FOUNDRY


Laufendes Projekt für AXPO in der Energie & Öl Branche für ein B2B Publikum seit 2021.For Axpo, the time was perfect for a brand identity that reflected its purpose, values and mission in a constantly evolving world of energy. As Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy and an international pioneer in energy trading & marketing, Axpo reached out to Foundry with a clear task – to align the brand’s identity with its newly articulated brand strategy. Over the last 100 years, the Axpo Group has established itself as a leading international energy company. Axpo combines the experience and expertise of more than 5,000 employees with a passion for innovation, collaboration, and impactful change. Using cutting-edge technologies, Axpo innovates to meet the evolving needs of a sustainable future of energy in over 30 countries across Europe, North America and Asia. Shaping the Flow of EnergyFoundry’s focus centred on the diverse sources of human energy that work together to make Axpo’s vision of the future a reality. The Flow of Energy articulated this idea and formed the base from which all elements of Axpo’s new identity ‘flowed’ out.

Digitale StrategieFilmGrafikdesign+4
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Projekt für Planted Food AG in der Lebensmittel Branche für ein B2B / B2C Publikum 2020.Delicious meat substitute made from pea protein of the best quality, sustainably produced, without any additives, for a healthy diet and without killing animals: this is Planted. A spin-off of the ETH Zurich, created and managed by the three founders and after years of research and development, the first product has been introduced in 2019.

Digitale StrategieMarkenbildung & PositionierungSocial Media+1
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Laufendes Projekt für Startpage in der Software & Computerservice Branche für ein Publikum seit 2021.As part of our campaign for Startpage, we did not only want to draw attention to the most private search engine in the world, we wanted to show as well why it is such an important service.Startpage is a search engine with a special focus: on privacy and the protection of our data.But how do we communicate the value of our personal information, in a world, where we got so used to giving it away for free? By actually selling our personal information. In the first-ever search history auction.We partnered up with influencer Rafael Neugart, a famous influencer and prankster.By putting his online search history on eBay, we wanted to find out how much personal data is really worth.The response was mind-blowing.Starting with 1 Euro, the bets kept going higher and higher, until it reached past 110,000 Euros in less than a few days. It was so insane, that eBay itself decided to take our auction down for “excessive pricing and betting”.Together with Rafael, we were able to show to a new audience how revealing and valuable their personal search history actually is. Internet privacy became a hot topic in Germany. With over one million impressions and countless mentions on German and international media, we placed Startpage at the centre of the conversation. Brand awareness went up by 140% in the space of a month and it just keeps growing, turning Startpage into a synonymous of online privacy.

Digitale StrategieMarkenbildung & PositionierungSocial Media
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Projekt für LimeBike Germany GmbH in der Transport Branche für ein B2C Publikum 2022.E-scooters, the most popular micro-mobility trend today. It’s also the most competitive market segment in urban mobility. We’ve succeeded in establishing Lime throughout Germany with the integrated content campaign "Unlock Life,” which consists of portraits of real city dwellers who share their personal stories. Using humorous, local & socially relevant references, the campaign helped make the international market leader by far the best-known e-scooter provider in Germany.--------------------ZusammenfassungE-Scooter sind der Mikromobilitätstrend der Stunde & markieren das wohl kompetitivste Marktsegment der urbanen Mobilität. Es ist gelungen, Lime mit der integrierten Content-Kampagne „Unlock Life” deutschlandweit zu etablieren & positiv aufzuladen. Authentische Portraits von echten Großstädtern, persönliche Geschichten, lokale & gesellschaftsrelevante Referenzen & humorvolle, hyperlokale Headlines machen den int. Markführer auch in Deutschland zum mit Abstand bekanntesten E-Scooter-Anbieter.WEBSITE FOUNDRY LIME

Content-StrategieDigitale StrategieGrafikdesign+3
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Projekt für Bumble in der Internet Branche für ein B2C Publikum 2021.Foundry and Bumble spread the love throughout the streets of Berlin with a 360 campaign. With over 40 million users in 160 countries, Bumble is not only fastest growing dating app today, but the first one of its kind where “women make the first move.”

Digitale StrategieMarkenbildung & PositionierungWerbung
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Projekt für Inyova in der Banken & Finanzen Branche für ein Publikum 2021.What if we could fight the climate catastrophe by better investing our money? Or end Sexism while building our retirement provision?Turns out it’s possible – with Swiss fintech start-up Inyova. Already established in Switzerland, Foundry helped Inyova enter the German market in 2021. Our social media campaign “Invest in a better world” positioned Inyova as the game-changer for your wealth management – helping you to make the world a better place without compromising on returns.Because win-win is when money grows and so do trees.The campaign was developed and executed completely inhouse.

Digitale StrategieMediaplanungSocial Media+1
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FOUNDRY wurde 11 Mal ausgezeichnet

German Brand Award - Winner 🥈2021-05-31Excellent Brands

German Brand Award - Winner 🥉2021-06-01Brand Impact of the Year

German Brand Award - Gold 🥇2021-06-01Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation

German Brand Award - BEST OF BEST 🏆2021-05-30Excellent Brands | Brand of the Year

German Brand Award - BEST OF BEST 🏆2020-05-29Brand Effect of the Year

German Brand Award - Gold 🥇2020-05-30Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation

RedDot Award2016-04-30Design Award
German Brand Award - Winner2020-05-31Brand Strategy of the Year

German Brand Award - Winner2020-05-31Brand Communication – Ambient Media & Outdoor Advertising

German Brand Award Winner2018-05-31Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and CreationBrand Strategy

German Brand Award Winner2019-05-31Excellence in Brand Strategy and CreationBrand Communication


4 Bewertungen für FOUNDRY

(4 Bewertungen)
Duke StumpCMO Lime / lululemon/ NIKE / Seventh Generation bei Lime
Great partnerships require trust and the willingness to push boundaries. Foundry not only is a collective of wonderful humans, but also a cast of brilliant and inspiring creatives.

Judith SchulteHead of Marketing & Comms bei SWISS International Air Lines
Foundry's innovative and creative concepts have inspired high engagements not only in our international markets, such as the UK and Italy, but also at home.

MarieCSO bei EGO Movement
DienstleistungMarkenbildung & Positionierung
Was war das Ziel Ihrer Zusammenarbeit?
Various creative work such as digital work, photoshoot / video contents and solutions.
Was hat Ihnen während Ihrer Zusammenarbeit am meisten Spaß gemacht?
Creative ideas and top notch execution. Sacha and his team does a great job with great creative solutions.

Marie empfiehlt diese Agentur

DienstleistungMarkenbildung & Positionierung

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  • HeadquarterBlücherstraße 23, 10961 Berlin, Germany

  • Hardturmstrasse 76, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

  • New York, NY, USA


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