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Berlin, Deutschland
Design + Technology Studio. Creating Digital Benchmarks. Certified B Corp.
&why is a design + technology studio that helps brands become digital benchmarks. Starting with why, we unlock the future. From strategy to branding to digital products to AI. We partner with daring companies across Europe to unlock business and brand growth through technology, immersive experiences and digital activations. We are B Corp certified and we actively work with B Corp Europe and B Lab Germany.
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Gegründet 2009
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  • Beschreibung
    We help our partners enhance der digital strategy and transformation. By leveraging design and technology, we lay the foundation for digital benchmarks positioning brands as digital leaders in their fields. For this we combine award-winning design, latest technical architectures extended by immersive and interactive experiences such as 3D designed for specific user journeys and needs - be it more efficient internal workflows or improved bookings for customers.
    Skills in Digitale Strategie (13)
    Digital TransformationMarketing StrategyDigital AnalyticsDigital ConsultingDigital Marketing Strategydigital strategybrand strategycreative strategymarketing strategybusiness strategy+3
    Referenzen in Digitale Strategie (6)
    auteon Branding & Product - Digitale Strategie
    The Journey of Doing - B Lab Europe - Digitale Strategie
    Choose Better Web & Game - B Lab Germany - Digitale Strategie
    FreeNow - Digitale Strategie
    Kunden in Digitale Strategie (6)
    KKL LuzernUnterhaltung & Events | international
    GWH Immobilien Holding GmbHImmobilien | national
    Intelligent Apps GmbHTransport | international
    B Lab GermanyGemeinnützig | national

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  • Beschreibung
    We elevate your brand's identity to resonate with your target audience through our Branding & Positioning services. Our expertise in Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Brand Guideline, and Rollout will transform your brand to build a unique voice and identity.

    We position brands for sustainable growth and recognition by integrating market insights with creative design, crafting narratives that set new industry standards.
    Skills in Markenbildung & Positionierung (13)
    Brand Experiencebrand strategyBrand Designbrand creationbrand marketingbusiness brandingbranding positioningglobal brandingbrand guidelinesBrand Creation+3
    Referenzen in Markenbildung & Positionierung (5)
    auteon Branding & Product - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    The Journey of Doing - B Lab Europe - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Choose Better Web & Game - B Lab Germany - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    GWH Sustainability 3D immersion - Markenbildung & Positionierung
    Bewertung in Markenbildung & Positionierung (1)
    Jörg Siegel
    Kunden in Markenbildung & Positionierung (5)
    RoomPriceGenie AGSoftware & Computerservice | international
    GWH Immobilien Holding GmbHImmobilien | national
    B Lab GermanyGemeinnützig | national
    B Lab EuropeGemeinnützig | international

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  • Beschreibung
    Utilizing Usability Testing, UI Design, UX Design, and User Research, we optimize digital touchpoints for the best user experience and increased business impact through conversions. Our human-centric designs are not just visually appealing but are crafted for functionality and user engagement, ensuring your digital presence meets both user needs and business goals.
    Skills in Ergonomie (UX/UI) (9)
    User TestingUser JourneyInteraction DesignUser ExperienceImmersive ExperienceUX DesignUI DesignUsability TestingUser Research
    Referenzen in Ergonomie (UX/UI) (6)
    auteon Branding & Product - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    Choose Better Web & Game - B Lab Germany - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    FreeNow - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    #lastseen - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    Kunden in Ergonomie (UX/UI) (6)
    #lastseenGemeinnützig | international
    KKL LuzernUnterhaltung & Events | international
    RoomPriceGenie AGSoftware & Computerservice | international
    Intelligent Apps GmbHTransport | international

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  • Beschreibung
    We digitally transform leading companies and win awards for our clients. With a focus on sustainable business success, we establish websites and platforms as the benchmark for your industry.

    Our platforms follow a "last relaunch philosophy". We understand your challenges and solve them with a focus on lead generation, sales & marketing, HR or process simplification by ensuring an architecture that is built to last and enables continuous adoption and improvement without limitation.
    Skills in Webseitengestaltung (16)
    Front End Developmentweb brandingecommerce websiteweb pagewebsite marketingLoading Time OptimizationBack-End DevelopmentMultilingual Websiteweb app designWebsite Optimization+6
    Referenzen in Webseitengestaltung (5)
    auteon Branding & Product - Webseitengestaltung
    Choose Better Web & Game - B Lab Germany - Webseitengestaltung
    FreeNow - Webseitengestaltung
    KKL Luzern Web Platform - Webseitengestaltung
    Kunden in Webseitengestaltung (5)
    KKL LuzernUnterhaltung & Events | international
    GWH Immobilien Holding GmbHImmobilien | national
    Intelligent Apps GmbHTransport | international
    B Lab GermanyGemeinnützig | national

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  • Beschreibung
    We focus on Progressive Web Apps, Prototype Development, and Web App Design, employing the latest technologies for applications that improve user experiences and seamlessly fit into business systems. Tailored to enhance digital services, our streamlined solutions foster growth and user interaction.
    Skills in Webanwendung (10)
    Testing ServicesPrototype DevelopmentWeb Application DevelopmentFull Stack DevelopmentProgressive Web AppOpen SourceResponsive DesignWeb DevelopmentCustom Font DevelopmentWeb App Design
    Referenzen in Webanwendung (6)
    auteon Branding & Product - Webanwendung
    The Journey of Doing - B Lab Europe - Webanwendung
    Choose Better Web & Game - B Lab Germany - Webanwendung
    FreeNow - Webanwendung
    Kunden in Webanwendung (6)
    #lastseenGemeinnützig | international
    KKL LuzernUnterhaltung & Events | international
    Intelligent Apps GmbHTransport | international
    B Lab GermanyGemeinnützig | national

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  • Beschreibung
    Specializing in Custom B2B & B2C e-commerce solutions, we blend User Research and UX Expertise with robust Technical Architecture to foster Online Growth. Our approach focuses on creating tailored e-commerce platforms that not only attract but retain customers by offering seamless, user-friendly shopping experiences. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your online store, ensuring it's optimized for both user engagement and sales performance.
    Skills in E-Commerce (9)
    Webshop DevelopmentEcommerce WebsiteEcommerce Web DevelopmenteCommerce ConsultingeCommerce MarketingeCommerce DesigneCommerce DevelopmentEcommerce SolutionsB2B eCommerce
    Referenzen in E-Commerce (2)
    auteon Branding & Product - E-Commerce
    KKL Luzern Web Platform - E-Commerce
    Kunden in E-Commerce (2)
    KKL LuzernUnterhaltung & Events | international
    auteon GmbHSoftware & Computerservice | international

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  • Beschreibung
    SEO is integral to our digital craftsmanship, embodying our commitment to organic visibility growth. Our SEO services ensure your digital presence is optimized for search engines from the ground up. With a focus on clean indexing and a robust setup, we offer tailored SEO Strategies aimed at penetrating local to global markets. From SEO Audits to Creative SEO Strategies development, our approach is designed to enhance visibility and foster growth, ensuring your brand stands out in the digital landscape.
    Skills in SEO (15)
    SEO StrategyMeta Data OptimizationOrganic TrafficSearch Engine RankingMultilingual SEOSEO OptimizationKeywords ManagementWebsite SEOSEO ConsultingTechnical SEO+5
    Referenzen in SEO (4)
    auteon Branding & Product - SEO
    FreeNow - SEO
    KKL Luzern Web Platform - SEO
    GWH Sustainability 3D immersion - SEO
    Kunden in SEO (4)
    KKL LuzernUnterhaltung & Events | international
    GWH Immobilien Holding GmbHImmobilien | national
    Intelligent Apps GmbHTransport | international
    auteon GmbHSoftware & Computerservice | international

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  • Beschreibung
    From enhancing website experiences with 3D elements to developing global 3D games with educational purposes, our expertise covers 3D Design, Rendering, Animation, and Game Development. Utilizing tools like Blender, Unity, and Unreal Engine, we craft visually stunning and interactive 3D content. Whether it's for educational games or website experience enhancements, our 3D solutions are tailored to captivate and educate, merging creativity with technology.
    Skills in 3D (14)
    Unreal Engine3D Game Development3d animationaugmented reality3d design3D Modeling3D Animation3D Renderingthreejs3d model+4
    Referenzen in 3D (3)
    Choose Better Web & Game - B Lab Germany - 3D
    #lastseen - 3D
    GWH Sustainability 3D immersion - 3D
    Kunden in 3D (3)
    B Lab GermanyGemeinnützig | national
    #lastseenGemeinnützig | international
    GWH Immobilien Holding GmbHImmobilien | national

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  • Beschreibung
    Innovation is at the heart of &why. Our Innovation services bring your most daring ideas to life through Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences, Web 3D, and Educational Web Games. With a strong emphasis on Innovation Ideation and Consulting, we explore the boundaries of digital technology to create immersive, interactive experiences that educate, engage, and inspire. Partner with us to transform your vision into reality, leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver memorable experiences that drive engagement and learning.
    Skills in Innovation (6)
    Mixed Reality DevelopmentAugmented Reality (AR)Virtual Reality (VR)Innovation ConsultingAugmented Reality DevelopmentImmersive Experience
    Referenzen in Innovation (6)
    auteon Branding & Product - Innovation
    The Journey of Doing - B Lab Europe - Innovation
    Choose Better Web & Game - B Lab Germany - Innovation
    #lastseen - Innovation
    Kunden in Innovation (6)
    B Lab GermanyGemeinnützig | national
    B Lab EuropeGemeinnützig | international
    auteon GmbHSoftware & Computerservice | international
    #lastseenGemeinnützig | international

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40 Mitglieder in &why's Team

&why cover
GeschichteWe're a certified B Corp and Kununu 2022 Top Company, dedicated to making a positive impact. Our team, free from external investors, focuses on social, sustainable projects, and DEI initiatives. This image reflects our commitment to growth, innovation, and purpose. Welcome to &why, where we Culture comes first.
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&why wurde 7 Mal ausgezeichnet

RedDot Winner UI/UX 2021 (#1) - auteon GmbH2022-8-1Best Interaction Design & Brand Strategy
Lovies Gold (#1) Best Use of Assets - KKL Luzern2023-11-1Best Use of Video & Photography

Lovies Silver (#2) Best Practices Web - KKL Luzern2023-11-1Best Web Practices

German Design Award 2022 (#1) Hofmann & Vratny CD2023-9-30Website Design
German Brand Award Gold 2022 (#1) - auteon2022-8-31Brand Strategy & Brand Design
Lovies Silver (#2) Best Communication - KKL Luzern2023-10-30Best Corporate Communication

Lovie's Bronze (#3) & Peoples Choice (#1) 20232023-10-29Best in Impact Business


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Jörg SiegelCo-Founder bei RoomPriceGenie AG
DienstleistungMarkenbildung & Positionierung
SektorSoftware & Computerservice

&why has developed a brand identity that the company is confident to roll out for its next round of funding. The team has committed to understanding the business, its customers, and its challenges in-depth, and the resulting designs are professional and well-aligned with the client’s vision. What was the scope of their involvement? &why is coming up with a whole new branding for us. They’re putting together a brand manual and redesigning our website to reflect our new identity. We started the project with a lot of calls involving different members of our organization. Their team interviewed us, sent us questionnaires, reviewed our current design, and tried to understand our challenges. They talked to some of our customers and spent a reasonable amount of time understanding our business. What is the team composition? There’s a total of 5–7 people working on the project, but the team size varies depending on what phase we’re in. How did &why perform from a project management standpoint? They always keep us up to date through Slack and via phone calls. Everything is pretty well organized. We collaborate on the design and exchange feedback through Figma, but we use Brandpad.io for general branding activities. Thus far, &why has pretty much matched the budget that we had discussed in the beginning. I think we’re spending way less than we would have with other agencies. They have a very clear list of how many hours each stage would take. We always feel well-informed, and we’re pleased that they stick to the schedules and the budget. What did you find most impressive about them? I really like the design and the outcome, but what really impresses me is how they try to understand our requirements in detail. They spend a lot of time on calls to make sure that we’re on the same page. At the end of it, they have a deep understanding of our vision. It’s not superficial at all. It’s a lot of fun to work with them actually. Are there any areas they could improve? No, we’re happy. They’ve stuck to the budget, and the outcome has been cool. They are quite fast, and the communication has been good. Do you have any advice for potential customers? You’ll be in good hands with &why. They’ll guide you through the branding and design process, especially if you’re unfamiliar with it. They’ll work at a good pace, and they’ll take care of everything.

DienstleistungMarkenbildung & Positionierung
SektorSoftware & Computerservice
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